And we’re back.

I apologize for the disruption of your normally scheduled Exhuman broadcast, but I'm back on my newly-fixed Chromebook and things are lookin' shiny. Juices are flowing and the power plug is tighter than ever and wow, that went more sexual than I anticipated, but here we are. Normal posts will resume tomorrow right on schedule … Continue reading And we’re back.


Laptop Update

Just a quickie update on the chromebook (and therefore, me-existing-on-the-internet situation). For those unaware, posts haven't been coming because I dropped and broke my chromebook's ability to charge. Been using its battery as frugally as possible. Talked to a guy, good news is, it's apparently a pretty cheap fix. Just need some new cable thingy … Continue reading Laptop Update

Zoe’s an Idiot

Which shouldn't surprise some of you. Because I totally fucking am, and it probably shows constantly. But today's headline is brought to you by a new, special breed of idiocy, typically reserved for those dregs of society who don't know how to move their cart to the edge of the aisle, or who wave pedestrians … Continue reading Zoe’s an Idiot

A follow up to a note which should concern nobody

It is no longer Wednesday, my dudes. Please cease your hump-day activities. This is a follow-up to the previous news post here, if you missed that somehow. We're officially live on Royal Road! If you're visiting from there...hi! Welcome to my corner of the internet! Five chapters were put up as a starter, and the … Continue reading A follow up to a note which should concern nobody